Sewer and Drain Service

If you’ve been living in a house long enough, you will find yourself dealing with some sort of plumbing drain problem sooner or later.

If that is true for you, then you know a sewer snake is not a menace, but your friend! It is very important to never place chemicals into your drains to clear a clogged drain. The acid actually damages the pipes and can create additional costly issues. Among all the possible plumbing issues, a clogged sink or drain is one of the most common. You’ve probably done some preventive measures, but it is bound to happen at some point in time anyway.

Fortunately a minor clogged sink is easy to repair. Sewer snakes or plumber’s snakes are effective tools to handle almost all cases of drain clogging. They are most effective when used by trained drain cleaning professionals. OC Royal Plumbing experienced technicians have dealt with hundreds (if not thousands) of drain clogging issues over many years. We know just what to do in any situation.

We Install Plumbing Clean Outs

Clean-out systems help keep roots under control and make annual maintenance of your sewer system less costly. Clean-out installations can help us maintain your sewer lines with as little disruptions, and at a far more reasonable cost, than would normally be required without this system. A clean-out system is designed to reduce the need for heavy equipment and digging during routine maintenance and emergency sewer line repairs. OC Royal Plumbing understands that the costs associated with sewer line clean-outs, as well as the disruption they cause, can be easily avoided by installing a clean-out system.

We Specialize in Hyrdo-Jet Cleaning

Cleaning out drainpipes and sewer lines involves a number of techniques. The drain auger (also known as a drain snake) is a common method and works well on many clogs. Using store-bought chemical is a method that is unfortunately common, since it works poorly and can even lead to damaging the drains. Professional plumbers may use motorized drain augers for drain cleaning and clog removal, but they will almost certainly never use acidic chemicals. The method that most skilled plumbers favor for thorough drain cleaning is hydro-jetting. This is a technique that uses strong blasts of water to scour pipe interiors.

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